Don’t ever think your next job will be your forever job!

If COVID taught us nothing else, it is that the concept of forever job doesn’t work. Recognize you alone must be captain of your destiny or as Jason Alba once shared, you must be CEO of you!

Why do you need to realize you will not land a forever job?

There are simply too many variables in today’s workforce and the job market. Industries get rocked by the impact of innovative technologies, merger acquisitions, economic volatility, and multiple other factors, all without throwing in a global pandemic. You cannot plan on a forever job!

How to position beyond the forever job

Today, you need to think about continuous career marketing. The best platform to keep yourself visible is LinkedIn. I read a post on LinkedIn by Susan Joyce, a long-time champion of job seekers with her popular website, Today, she shared information about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn takes time and effort to be effective, but, for most of us, the time spent in LinkedIn is an exceptionally good investment.

These are the 12 biggest LinkedIn mistakes I see people making, and the damage those mistakes cause: (and then went on to list them)

We all get busy and find it hard to keep up on all the social media, but LinkedIn must remain a key part of your professional networking for you to be viable in the future.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile stays valuable

Sometimes people are tempted to diminish or reduce their LinkedIn profile after they land their next job.  Even worse, they think they should emulate their superior thinking that the executive must know the right strategy and that executive never worked on LinkedIn, they have a shell of a profile.

I can tell you that after working with many executives, many never researched LinkedIn, and no one taught them how to do it correctly. By following a bad example, you miss the opportunity for your dream job.

Susan Joyce mentioned two items I see as critical and match my thinking:

⛔ Skimpy profile – limits credibility, keywords, and visibility

⛔ No accomplishments – limits credibility, branding, and keywords

In addition to your LinkedIn profile, remember that the resume is the foundation of your job search.

Keep your resume updated and relevant so that when the next terrific opportunity comes your way you are ready. I would like to be your partner in your job search to help you be as successful as possible. Learn more.

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Don\'t ever think your next job will be your forever job!

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