How to get recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn

People ask me how to get recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn. Getting recruiters or hiring managers to contact you on LinkedIn is dependent on several factors.

  • You fit the needs of the company
  • Your LinkedIn profile shows you can do the job
  • Your unique talents make the recruiter or hiring manager seek you out
  • The value-added stories in your LinkedIn profile compel people to want you for their company.
  • And most importantly, you make it easy for them to contact you.

How to make it easy for recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn contact info

I can’t tell you how many clients pushed back when I suggested they include their email and mobile on their LinkedIn profile. Your contact information can be accessed by clicking Contact info on the top section of your LinkedIn profile under your city, state info. When you click it, you should see something like this, only for many of you it will not be complete:

Help recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn?

Being accessible. I was reading comments on LinkedIn from multiple recruiters who say that if they can’t find a phone number, they keep right on looking.

People tell me they are afraid of spam on their phones and emails. Spam will find you no matter what in this day of robo-calling, so don’t worry yourself out of the next job by making yourself inaccessible to recruiters and hiring managers.

Make sure your email is set to Anyone on LinkedIn in the settings.

See email address on LinkedIn


Revisit the settings often because LinkedIn has a reputation for changing them. Make sure you set yourself as accessible.



In addition, make it easy for recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn by putting your contact information in your About section, like this:

To reach me to discuss potential opportunities, email me at or call my mobile at 555-555-5555.

This addition will make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to reach you on LinkedIn even if they are not connected with you.

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How to get recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn

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