How to increase visibility on LinkedIn

Are you hiding on LinkedIn? Some of you may be confused.

How do you increase visibility on LinkedIn?

The entire goal of LinkedIn is to improve your visibility, open new networks, and seize potential opportunities. If you are hiding, that would defeat the purpose, right?

Yet, every day, I see profiles that hide the profile owner in one or more ways.

Increase Visibility on LinkedIn by ensuring you are set to full profileFull Profile Screenshot 2021-11-23 204227

With your profile set to either of the last two options, you are hiding. When you appear without your full profile, no one can see who you are lessening the opportunity for you to network with key personnel.

Increase Visibility on LinkedIn by showing your full name

Last Name Screenshot 2021-11-23 204433You should see the problem with this example. How will anyone find you if you don’t show your last name?

Increase Visibility on LinkedIn by setting your profile photo to public

Profile photo

Profile Photo



Once again, you are hiding if no one can find you. Set both the public profile to public and at the same time, double-check your settings on the photo in front of your profile.

If you rectify these settings, you will find that your visibility will increase.

How to increase visibility on LinkedIn

These are settings changes. You can’t move forward with more visibility until your settings are correct.

However, when you get these right, you can launch a dynamic content marketing strategy to make you an expert in your field. People often tell me they don’t know what to talk about on LinkedIn. But if you are working, you are an expert in the area you work. You can research interesting information and share it with your audience.

When I work with you at Design Resumes, I make sure that you have a valued-filled resume combined with an optimized LinkedIn profile branding you with the right resume stories to increase visibility on LinkedIn. I also teach you technical tips on being more visible. Learn more.

How to increase visibility on LinkedIn

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