Stand out on LinkedIn – Do not blend in on LinkedIn!

The original title of this article was "Stop using Name, Rank, and Serial Number on LinkedIn" but I wanted to emphasize stand out more than the negative.

What does Stand out on LinkedIn - Do not blend in on LinkedIn! mean?

Too often people elect to shorten their LinkedIn details in their roles (job descriptions.) Instead of robust descriptions and specific accomplishment-driven bullets, they choose only name, rank, and serial number, which means no details. They justify it because that's what they see others do, even their executive leaders.

Why would someone choose not to stand out on LinkedIn?

The assumption is that people they want to emulate for LinkedIn strategy don't do it, so they shouldn't either. But the assumption is wrong. Many people only signed up for a LinkedIn account and put in a little bit of information but didn't learn any strategy for LinkedIn.

Don’t copy someone with an executive title, (Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, or Chief Financial Officer). Since you don’t know their expertise in using LinkedIn and you miss opportunities.

Today's trend when you lose a job is to shout it out to your network for help. The problem is that many people who do these shout-outs have never finished their profiles. They want help finding their next role but they didn't complete their LinkedIn profile so there is no clue as to their value.

How do you stand out on LinkedIn?

It starts with the resume. When you develop an accomplishment-driven resume to capture your value and pinpoint stories that highlight your success, you will be able to translate this information more effectively to LinkedIn.

I coach every client to understand that it is critical to show your value on LinkedIn. LinkedIn regularly updates the member numbers and the latest I saw was 900 million people are members of LinkedIn. If you are doing a job search correctly, only a handful of people should be seeing your resume.

Your targeted job search means you should be researching the opportunities that align with your goals and only applying to those jobs. Find connections with your network (LinkedIn and other network resources) to help you communicate with someone with the power and desire to hire you.

Don’t confuse Human Resources with hiring managers. You will have to deal with HR eventually, but you want to identify people who desire your talent. The director of IT or the PMO Leader will know who he or she needs on their team. They know which projects require your talents.

Building a standout LinkedIn profile

Add content. Evaluate the content searching for confidential or proprietary information and eliminate this from your profile. However, you should highlight solid accomplishments that align with your future goals in your profile. Stripping down a profile because you think this is the best practice will ensure that your job search takes longer.

How do I know this works?

My job-winning clients are amazing! After updating a client's profile, she was recruited rapidly as President of a luxury brand. Her content paralleled her resume but she caught their attention because of her LinkedIn content in her profile.

I strategize with clients at multiple levels of their careers, including executive leaders, coaching them to adapt strategies that promote their value and identify their strengths. Of course, your resume is important, but LinkedIn is a professional networking opportunity to show your value to hiring managers, future customers, new vendors, or suppliers. Don't forget to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

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Stand out on LinkedIn - Do not blend in on LinkedIn!

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