Take it seriously (everything – job search too!)

When you hear take it seriously, you may cringe. Most of us have at least one thing in our lives that we let slide. Some of us have many things we let slide – until we can’t anymore.

I can name a list of things that I don’t quite take seriously enough. For some of my readers who know me well that may surprise you. I take many things seriously. My personality leans toward the serious side.

What do I mean – Take it seriously?

Whatever you are working to improve, you will do better if you take it seriously.

At the end of October last year, my doctor told me that my blood tests now redefined me as having Type 2 Diabetes. I worked at trying to eat healthy most of my life but with this new diagnosis, I had to take it seriously.

I’m taking the prescribed medication daily and will revisit the blood tests in April with my physician.

I studied food options and changed my buying habits to eliminate sugar as much as possible from my diet. We switched to Dave’s Good Seed bread and my husband even likes it. I started making my own granola with oatmeal and lots of seeds and nuts, bought a Ninja Foodie with the air fryer option, studied recipe resources on Pinterest, evaluated protein options, increased salad consumption, changed salad dressings, and ate even more vegetables. I’m working on making hummus (need a new recipe).

I opted not to bake any pies for Thanksgiving, but my brother brought some delicious pies from the orchard. I didn’t make any Christmas cookies, but friends and neighbors brought some so I shared them with everyone else in the family. I gave up ice cream.

I’m now tracking my calories in my Samsung Health app again. I opted to take it seriously (my health), more seriously than I had in the past. I always tracked my steps. I am trying to get in more forms of exercise in this wintery time. I’ll walk outside when the ice goes away.

I had a DVD that I used in 2006 with an exercise routine that worked then. I improved my agility and lost 30+ pounds. It doesn’t load on this computer or at least didn’t when I tried it last. I will see if I can find another similar resource.

I still have more work to do but I hope to improve my health.

The Take it seriously principle works for everything

Whatever you are trying to do, you can do better by taking it seriously.

  • Learning a new concept – LinkedIn Learning will help.
  • Reading more books – Try the Goodreads Challenge. Last year I read 188 books. My preference is fiction, but I am working on reading more nonfiction. I’ve loved fiction since I was young. It was my favorite pastime and possibly why I am a writer today – not of fiction though I write your career stories instead.
  • Decluttering – Is your office or house in need of decluttering? Jackie Love can be your guide.
  • Writing content – Learning to write content for LinkedIn can be very helpful for everyone. As a job seeker, you will increase your visibility. I personally am working on writing more content for this website.

I’m working on all those goals right now.

How do you use Take it seriously in your job search?

Many job seekers put off so many job search activities until it is too late. If you recognize that a job can end at any time and no job lasts forever, then you will always be prepared.

Do you have:

There are many tools to make you more successful in your job search. You just have to take it seriously. Learn more.

Take it seriously (everything - job search too!)

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