Be authentically you in your job search

Everyone looks for shortcuts. Not everyone — but many people want to skip the hard work and find easier ways. To differentiate yourself in the marketplace you need to be authentically you.

How do you become authentically you?

There are automated ways for most things, but it decreases the opportunity for you to learn. You can always be vanilla but it decreases the opportunity for you to differentiate yourself.

As job seekers, a point-and-click strategy is much easier than taking the time and energy to differentiate yourself with a resume positioning you as an expert in your field or area combined with reinforcements of quality content on LinkedIn and in outreach to your network. Shortcuts and copying existing content abound but it doesn’t make you different.

Never happen to you

Many employees think it will never happen to them, so they fail to prepare to lose their job. The panic of rushing to get an updated resume or building a quality LinkedIn profile and strategy can be alleviated if you plan.

My friend (who is also a recruiter), Ed Han shared in his LinkedIn tip4day:

My #LinkedIn #tip4day: there are 875M+ members. Many share your job title as you & might even work for the same employer (25k+ PMs @ J&J!).

Differentiate yourself with #personalbranding,, show some personality, give people a reason to network with 👉you👈.

Thank you for coming to my #EDtalk

Wow! 25,000 Project Managers work for Johnson & Johnson. In the comments, he shared that 81,000 project managers work for GE. How do you differentiate? My referral network has sent many clients from both GE and Johnson & Johnson.

My goal at Design Resumes with each client is to find their unique value. What makes them marketable to the next employer? The level of competition is high but using a strategy of networking, your value-filled resume and LinkedIn profile, combined with targeted content marketing will increase your visibility and lead you to the next role. How do I do it? Interactively. Check out this video explaining my process.

Everyone looks for shortcuts. Be authentically you!

Resume templates, point-and-click, copy-and-paste, and automated content all have their place, but to sell your brand, you need to do the work.

Need help? My personalized Design Resumes interactive resume writing and coaching prepares you to win the next role. Learn more.

Be authentically you in your job search

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