Thank You for Purchasing your


Thank you for your payment. I am so happy you decided to work with me and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Next Steps:

  1. APPOINTMENTS: Schedule additional appointments that fit your schedule. Up to 8 appointments is the norm for the Essential package. You can schedule them close together if you desire. Many people ask if we need time between and we just keep working.
  2. OLD RESUME: Send a copy of your most recent resume, mainly for informational purposes. I start from scratch but have the data for employers, titles, and dates is always helpful.
  3. PROJECT ROADMAP: Your first session is the Project Roadmap Session. This show and tell session allows you to see examples of my work and helps me clarify the strategy you will need in your project.
  4. ZOOM: I will send a Zoom invite on the morning of each of our meetings but if you want to complete the one-time download early or play with it, here is the link to the Zoom website. There is no charge for you to use Zoom but you do need to download the product onto the device you want to use. This will enable our screen sharing so that you can be an active participant in our sessions.
  5. CANCELLATIONS: If you would have to cancel an appointment because of unforeseen circumstances, let me know as soon as you know. As my client volume goes up, I often fill cancellations within several minutes of your notice of cancellation with other clients waiting for my help.
  6. TROUBLESHOOTING: If there are audio or video problems, just call me at 715-574-5263 and I can help solve any issues.


Your Essential Package includes:

Custom Tailored Resume - Live interactive resume writing and coaching sessions to create your custom, tailored, and branded resume. Delivered to you in three formats (Word, PDF, and ASCII Text)

Cover Letter - Targeted and personalized cover letter to Use as a template to customize for future job applications.

LinkedIn Profile Writing & Optimization - LinkedIn training session for optimal use of LinkedIn, teaching the power of LinkedIn as a networking tool. Interactive review session of your current LinkedIn profile and creation of new or updated content focused on your ideal job target.

Communication Style & Behavioral Strengths (DISC) Assessment & Consultation - Online DISC profile reviewed together to identify soft skills and interpersonal attributes to prepare more focused marketing materials. Increased confidence when speaking to potential employers.

Follow-up Email Support - 90 days after your marketing materials are completed, email me your questions to keep you from getting stuck.

If you have any further questions reply back to this email and we will be more than happy to assist you!

- Julie Walraven