4 communication mistakes impacting networking

4 communication mistakes impacting your networking

Networking is hard enough without communication mistakes. Conquering communication mistakes However, maybe it is the stress of networking that makes us more susceptible to communication mistakes. Talking too much. 1st Communication Mistake We try to tell our network connections about us. But often, we fail to stop talking. We fail to build the connection by…

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How to give your interview skills an edge

Do you struggle with interview skills? I know many of my clients have a tough time when they approach the interview. Like many other career professionals, I provide interview coaching as part of my packages. Signs that you need to work on your interview skills Insert extra words (um, er…, ah… you know, like) to…

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How many interviews are too many?

Do you think companies do too many interviews? Hiring and training is a drain on a budget in the best economic conditions so companies want to do it right the first time. Employers market? Candidates are in abundance right now so HR and management have an open field. It makes sense that there would be…

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