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Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is an old expression that comes to mind when I am coaching job seekers or when I observe people on social media or in public. A Complaining Society We have become a complaining society and all of us are guilty of that at one time or another. Meaning… Continue Reading

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Why you must think before you post online

I was oblivious to the most recent fury stemmed by Applebee’s firing of a waitress for posting a photo of a receipt online until fellow career professional, Dawn Bugni, shared this story on Facebook. Applebee’s management of social media zoomed out of control and left me wondering if they had a public relations company at… Continue Reading

10 Tips to Better Networking for Job Seekers & Entrepreneurs

As a career marketing professional, I coach clients and teach college classes on the importance of networking in your job search. Today we recognize networking comes in many forms and includes both online and in-person networking. For the past three years, I have expanded and experimented with my online networking skills and definitely grew a… Continue Reading