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How to make sure LinkedIn is bringing you value

I get the LinkedIn Updates in my e-mail and check out the changes of my connections. My clients are often connected to me and sometimes it is the way I find out about their new positions if they didn’t send me an e-mail. Savvy career management-focused clients will make sure that their LinkedIn profile gets…Continue Reading

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What happens when you move past the possible?

If you haven’t yet stumbled across Jim Connolly’s latest project, the Creative Thinking Hub, you are missing something special. His article, How to do the impossible, particularly caught my eye. Read all of the article when you finish this one and then savor these words from Jim: Rethinking your possibilities Take time out today, to…Continue Reading

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Are you REALLY focused on your goals?

I have to admit one of the Superbowl commercials did catch my attention.   I am sure most of you saw it. The dog’s goal is to be able to fit through the doggie door. He takes extraordinary measures to get fit and ends up reaching his goal of fitting through the door so he…Continue Reading

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