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When your resume doesn’t connect with the audience

The concept of targeting resumes still often falls short. I field calls that begin like this: “I’d like you to write a resume for me.” “Ok, what industry are you in and what positions are you targeting?” “Oh, I just need a resume. Can’t you just write something generic?” Why a generic resume is useless… Continue Reading

Why the best resume won’t help if these 4 bad habits follow you in the jobsearch

Why the best resume won’t help if these 4 bad habits follow you in the jobsearch

We all have something we should work on in our lives but some people bring more bad habits to their job search that hamper their ability to move forward or succeed in the job hunt. True Story: How to make a really bad first impression I am one of the few professional résumé writers who… Continue Reading

How to create a job-winning Registered Nurse resume

When I started writing resumes, when I would get a Registered Nurse as a client, the nursing clients would say: Everyone knows what a nurse does. Resumes were primitive back then compared to today but even then that was the wrong attitude. Crafting a resume to showcase your talents and capabilities means talking about what makes… Continue Reading

You landed! and you are complaining?

I can’t believe how many former job seekers who spent a long time looking for a job who are now complaining. Their status may say, “Can’t wait for a break! I just want to have some fun! Then back to the grind!” Honestly! I know it is easy especially when you are young to look… Continue Reading