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Should I have a resume for a blue collar job?

Back in the day (or clients have told me), you didn’t need a resume for a blue collar job. Yet today, companies are requesting them and the online application is instructing you to upload your resume. Since my resume samples include resumes for Production Supervisors, Facilities Managers, and Manufacturing Engineer, I find many people searchingContinue Reading

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How much hidden talent do you have?

Not trying for a new game show title here but it could be one, right? Hear the promo ads now for “How much hidden talent do you have?”… but really most people don’t recognize their talents. I work with some of the most incredibly talented people in the world. Most of those are my clientsContinue Reading

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How do you deal with disappointment?

I won’t lie. I am horrible at dealing with disappointment — at least at the initial outset. Right now, I am disappointed that the head cold I’ve been fighting for the last week is still here. But bigger than that, I am really bummed that the recent rain storm made new leaks in the roof.Continue Reading

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