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How to keep your job search momentum going

Every day I run into job seekers somewhere who are disillusioned. They are trying so hard and can’t seem to keep their momentum going. This economy has made it hard for everyone from job seeker to entrepreneur to the elderly with investments. It is easy to get disillusioned and sometimes that leads to people givingContinue Reading

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What are the top 3 resume misconceptions I hear?

Like many other professionals who have spent years in the career marketing industry, I have seen many, many resumes.  Here’s my Top 3 misconceptions that will help you change the course of your career search. 1. → Confusion about how long a resume should be. I covered this in detail with the post, “Should youContinue Reading

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Why your career center resume may not get you a job

Perhaps you are one of the lucky students who attend one of the few high schools and colleges with well-trained career centers who proactively sent their staff to learn professional resume writing from one of the premier career marketing organizations. If you are attending school at one of them, you will most likely be onContinue Reading

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