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You don’t know why they didn’t hire you

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my most recent clients at Design Resumes was a Director of Human Resources, we’ll call her Mary. Mary was delightful to work with but in addition to being a great client, she let me verify and clarify my impressions about human resources practices. With 15 years…Continue Reading

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The secret to get your resume to the employer

One of the benefits of being a resume writer is that I work with a wide range of people. Among the people I am currently working with is a Director of Human Resources. She has been willingly helping me double-check human resources practices and job search perspective from an HR viewpoint. We were talking about…Continue Reading

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Point – Counter Point: Is the resume dead?

More than one of my clients sent me the link to the Wall Street Journal article, No more resumes, some firms say… and I immediately dismissed it. Regular readers know that I believe that the resume is the foundation of the job search! But then, who am I? Julie Walraven, yes, I may be the…Continue Reading

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