Why do I need help for resume writing? Seems like an easy task

You learned about resume writing in college. It looks easy. Just write down your jobs, fill in your job description, schooling, and easy-peasy all done.

Sure, that works, sometimes, for the person looking for their first job. It works when you just want a job not the next step in your career. It works when your target is $30K but doesn’t work as well for a six figure role in digital transformation.

Resume writing to land leadership and executive roles is strategic storytelling

Drop the idea you replicate a job description. Tell the story of the value you will bring to the employer.


Can you craft a resume to tell the hiring manager how you delivered global platform quality transformation?

How about new product introductions delivering on $10MM+ in revenue?

What about 85% reduction in quality escapes, and 40% reduction in operational effort, while leading matrix teams of 20?

One of my clients just landed his new role and this was in his resume.

Be savvy

If you are up against one of my clients in a job search, you don’t want a college-version of your resume. I work with amazing people who are always top of their class.

My clients contribute

Have you:

  • Spearheaded an innovative product “wrap around” prototype, a Mobile App using machine learning to identify potential food-borne health triggers for a $1B therapeutic category as cross-functional team leader?

One of my clients can claim this success story as well as another 11 top accomplishments just on the first page of his resume.

Each of my clients tells me stories we craft into succinct resume bullets to demonstrate their skills. Whether they are in information technology, healthcare, marketing, or higher education, I capture their success.

Their resumes win new jobs.

A client called recently to tell me he has a new role as a Client Delivery Executive. He’s elated. He told me the feedback on his resume was ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing.

Do you need help to be successful in resume writing?

You can compete against one of my clients for a job but you don’t want to if your resume is one you learned how to write in college.

Everyone has stories. I know how to write them to help you win a new job. If you are ready to learn more, simply click here.

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