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How to sell the right value in your resume

How to sell the right value in your resume

How to sell the right value in your resumeSell the right value in your resume? What does that mean?

The perception of a resume is often that it is simply a work history instead of a marketing document. A résumé a marketing document? Yes, and YOU are the product! People who think all they have to do is give a litany of who, what, when, where and miss the important questions of how and why miss out on winning their next job.

How do you sell the right value in your resume?

Focus on your contributions and position your most valuable contributions at the front of the resume. I use a Leadership Success Section or a Selected Accomplishment section to showcase those points that I want the hiring manager to read first. The strength of your resume may not be in the most recent job. It may be buried further back in the resume. I want the hiring manager to see a short value-filled section that quantifies (if possible) what you bring to the company.

Selling your value may seem strange to you but if you recognize that the job of the resume is to show how you can solve the company’s problems, your resume will resonate with the right stuff. This applies to new graduates or college students looking for an internship just as much as it does to top executives. What makes you more valuable to the employer than the next guy?

If you are that college student and you can show how you are different by explaining the internship you went on in China combined with your coaching skills as the coach of a middle school basketball team, you may win that first job especially if you can explain that the leadership skills are just as valuable in the work place.

If you are looking for that Executive Director role with a nonprofit and you can show your value in spearheading multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns and building relationships with high net worth clients, the nonprofit you are targeting may be very interested in seeing how you can help them.

If you are looking for the Chief Marketing Officer and you can demonstrate how you launched and introduced multiple new products and redesigned the landing page that increased lead conversion by 1400%, you will catch the attention of the executive leadership in the companies you are targeting.

Sell the right value, know what the company you are targeting needs, and showcase your successes in a way that will attract new job offers.

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