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When your strategies get sloppy

businessman-2798560_1920-1024x510 When your strategies get sloppy

If you are honest, I bet you can think of times when your strategies get sloppy. All of us suffer from inconsistency sometimes and I think the modern era of so many conveniences has actually made us more inconsistent. We use tools inconsistently. For example, I use Twitter but then I pop in and out.…

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Achoo! Allergic to mail!

too-much-mail-1024x683 Achoo! Allergic to mail!

I don’t know how it happened but I developed this allergy to mail. You know, the stuff that comes into your mail box out on the street. Snail mail is a common name for it. Just the thought of it started diversionary tactics. Yikes! I started this habit of throwing all the mail into a…

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