When your strategies get sloppy

If you are honest, I bet you can think of times when your strategies get sloppy. All of us suffer from inconsistency sometimes and I think the modern era of so many conveniences has actually made us more inconsistent.

We use tools inconsistently. For example, I use Twitter but then I pop in and out. I share an article but fail to watch the mentions and say thank you to those people who go out of their way to share my content.

Or I start filing paperwork, get busy with other pressing matters, and before I know it, I have baskets of papers to file.

When could your strategies get sloppy?

You might have good intentions of staying in contact with your network but time flies by and before you know it, a year has gone by.

When your resume strategies get sloppy

Maybe it is your resume. You wanted to get it up-to-date but you keep putting it off. You are not alone. Every resume writer can tell you stories of someone who found themselves with their dream job opportunity only to realize their resume is two or four or 10 years old.

The job seeker realizes there are experts who write resumes every day. Of course, the same job seeker needs a resume today but the resume writers are two weeks or two months out in their scheduling.

When your LinkedIn strategies get sloppy

Or perhaps it is LinkedIn, you set up an account but it says nothing and you always planned to get it updated. You’ve heard stories of people who got offers out of the blue and wondered why it never happened to you. But if you looked deeper, you would realize you have an incomplete LinkedIn profile with a nonexistent network. Worst of all, you never show up.

Consistency is critical

It is often hard to stay consistent today because there are so many distractions: phones, Facebook, television, and oh look, a bird just flew by the window.

If you recognize the problem and use resources to solve them, you may find yourself in better shape.

I help job seekers improve their job search strategies by writing resumes clearly showcasing their value, writing LinkedIn profiles while also training the job seeker on best strategies, and show people how to boost their networking strategy.

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When your strategies get sloppy

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