Job Seeker, 2 easy tips to improve your professional image

You hope to make a good first impression and have a professional image but what could be holding you back?

#1 — Your email address is critical to your professional image

If you still use aol for your email, it is time to get a new email provider. Aol, Yahoo, or your cable company’s email all brand you as dated and lessen your professional image. I receive more phishing emails from yahoo account than any other email. You may not use your email enough and spammers or hackers take over your account, sending emails that look like they come from you.

My advice is to use Gmail. Your email should be your first and last name with the added middle initial if you can’t get just the first and last name. If you have a specific target field and your name is used try something like or

  • It is easy to use and works across devices. This means you can access your email on your phone, tablet, as well as your PC.
  • Google has multiple applications that integrate well with your email, like the calendar, which also works cross device.
  • People recognize Gmail as an acceptable service.
  • Google has multiple cyber-security controls in place so it is less likely to be hacked.

#2 — Your LinkedIn address is key to your professional image

professional image in LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn is one of the first places hiring manager, recruiters, and HR professionals look to find key candidates. However, I find even top executives with the original LinkedIn address with all the numbers. Your LinkedIn URL should be clean, like this:

It is easy to change. You simply Edit your public profile and URL. (see image at right). Most of the time, you will be able to get your name. If not, add a middle initial or use it as a branding opportunity. I could have done juliewalravenresumewriter for example.

Where can you use this LinkedIn URL?

Most of the new resumes I write have the LinkedIn URL at the top. As LinkedIn becomes more critical to your job search, it is good to make it easy for hiring managers to access your LinkedIn profile as soon as they look at your resume.

In addition, you can add the URL to your business card whether you are using it professionally or in a job search. Some job seekers will buy a small quantity of personalized business cards to use at networking meetings.

Use these two tips to improve your professional image! If you need coaching on better ways to improve your overall career marketing, let’s talk.

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