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Is it time for a Rewrite?

I was talking to my colleague, Dawn Bugni last night on Twitter and I was telling her that I was editing and rewriting some of my older blog posts. She was laughing at me because I already have a large amount of new content and now I am going backwards. This blog is now two…

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Do you comment?

Interview Angel aka Brent Peterson’s interview with Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks reminded me of a question I have always had about comments on blogs as I continue to explore the role of blogs in a job search. See what Gini had to say and read the rest here: Brent: What are the top 3…

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Should a Jobseeker Blog?

Today’s career management is ramped up from what was the norm only a few short years ago. Not only do current job seekers have to think about new tools but future-thinking career professionals should realize that no job is forever. You need to have many tools in your arsenal. 1. → The well-written, keyword-infused, accomplishment-focused…

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