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Teaching job seekers and career changers to use social media as one strategy in their job search is a component of my Design Resume career packages. In both Career Thought Leaders Conference and Career Management Alliance Conference this year, we were taught new strategies and encouraged to bring our clients into the full use of Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and Facebook for the job search.

I keep my eyes peeled for people using social media effectively in general but especially in the job search. I noticed that both Jonathan Krass and Kimba Green were now connecting with the career community on Twitter. After connecting with them myself, I asked them both if they would like to participate in my blog to let others know what is going on and how they see it working. Jonathan’s story is below and Kimba’s is here. This will be the first time I release two posts on the same day but since they are both current job seekers, I want them both to be able to have equal time.

Jonathan Krass

Jonathan Krass’ LinkedIn profile starts with this branding statement:

MBA-Level Human Resources Pro leveraging a passion for social media, in search of an HR Management opportunity.

Currently, Jonathan is based in Chicago, where he was recently downsized in January 2010 from Benefitdecisions after rising to the position of Human Resources Operations Manager from Benefits Associate in four 1/2 years. In his most recent role, he managed the day-to-day operations for HR & benefits outsourcing administration, including client relationship management, client implementation, issue escalation & resolution, people and resource management, and training.

Jonathan’s basic impression of social media in the job search: “If I wasn’t using social media for job search, I would be banging my head against the wall. I can’t understand how any one ran a job search without it in the past. I used LinkedIn and Facebook before but more in a pedestrian way. Now I am leveraging it to help find my next position, using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogging.”

Jonathan goes by @myhrjobsearch on Twitter though he also has his name, @JonathanKrass, reserved. He started his blog called “My HR Job Search” on April 13, with his post, “What’s this all about?” which began with two words:

“I’m unemployed,” a bold move that few job seekers would take and injected humor right away with: Let’s call it “in transition.” I’ve heard that quite often, and it sounds a heck of a lot better… I’m in transition. There…better. Regardless, it still means I have no job. Let me tell you the story of how that came to be.”

Jonathan is combining social media job search networking with what we call “Real Life Job Search Networking.” He is a member of HR organizations such as HRMA of Chicago and SHRP, and goes to networking meetings regularly.

How has he been using his time? Jonathan finished his MBA at Loyola University in February 2010. On his LinkedIn profile, he has multiple positive recommendations, one from Paul Setlak, Regional Clinic Executive with Abbott Laboratories says:

“Jonathan is a model individual – words cannot describe enough his dedication towards completing tasks/goals and following through with any deliverables. His attention to detail, whether it is via presentations or written analysis, is by far in the top 5% I have come across. His ability to think “outside the box” within multiple areas of business and management make him an highly critical member of any team. Last, but certainly not least, his integrity and loyalty to the “team” versus just an individualized effort in crucial to any successful business and/or operational environment.”

Last week, Jonathan participated in the HRevolution (the unconference) in Chicago after he was invited on Twitter by @CincyRecruiter, Jennifer McClure, and other career-focused Twitter friends. As he shared on his blog,

“For instance, I’m going to be spending the majority of the next day and a half with some of the brightest and best minds in forward-thinking HR (in and out of social media)  at the HRevolution un-conference here in Chicago.”

Jonathan’s goal is to be an HR Manager for a progressive, future-thinking firm, who either has a social media program in place or is willing to start one.

His advice to people thinking of using social media for a job search:

  1. Everyone is supportive and friendly.
  2. Converse about other things than just your job search.
  3. Social media networking is a two way street. Make sure to return the favor if someone helps you.
  4. It’s easier than you think.

You can find Jonathan through most of the links on this post but here is the easy version:

  1. Blog
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter

Social media adds a new dimension to the job search and there are growing resources for you out there. So like Jonathan and Kimba, perhaps you should take the plunge and make it part of your career plan.


  1. Jan on May 11, 2010 at 11:53 am

    What a great guy! I don’t know why he doesn’t have a job yet, but I would hope someone will read your excellent summary and pick him up right away. we just need a couple more months of this economy’s recovering . . .

    • Julie Walraven on May 11, 2010 at 1:22 pm

      This has been a horrible time for jobseekers. Jonathan landed when there was 11.3% unemployed in Chicago. HR has been outsourced and downsized for many firms. He brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the table.

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