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How to be successful in social media

Often I am asked the secret to success in social media and I think it boils down to one thing. Be Authentic! Be Genuine The key to social media is being authentic People read books and articles on how to be successful on social media looking for something magical. But there are two things that…

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How NOT to network for success!

Each day I see examples of how NOT to network. This is now a world where it is as easy to build relationships with people around the world as it is to build them with people in your hometown. Yet daily, people ask me if they can guest post, promote their product, or buy their…

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How to be deliberate with social media

You hear people complaining about social media, usually about Facebook or Twitter, but in general all social media. You hear people saying, “I would never use Facebook or Twitter, it’s too dangerous!” and from the opposite direction, “My privacy settings are so high, no one will be able to find me.” Never use social media…

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What stops you from following through?

man-using-scissors-to-remove-the-word-can-t-to-read-i-can-do-it-1024x709 What stops you from following through?

We all have good intentions but often fail at following through. The concept of procrastination is so ingrained in us that there are people whose career is based on helping others. FlyLady (Marla Cilley is The FlyLady. Since 1999, she has been a mentor to over half a million women teaching them how to organize…

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