3 secrets to correctly using Social Media for job search or communication

Correctly using social media is always a challenge. Strategies for using social media are all over the internet. However, there are three secrets to make your experience more successful.

By correctly using social media especially if you are in a job search or using it for your business, you will gain the right kind of attention.

Think before you post

Don’t react out of anger. Never vent about another person. Even without a name, it comes back to haunt you. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them directly.

Recognize when you are tired (or impaired by alcohol or other substances) and leave the computer, phone, and tablet alone.

If you are depressed or upset, use the phone to let someone know. Ask for help. Too often people share their mood at the moment to gain sympathy but it rarely works out well. Message a close friend rather than post things on your timeline.

Verify your source and information accuracy

We all see how false information floods Facebook or Twitter. The speed of social media is wonderful when it is used correctly. Nevertheless, if you share false information or worse information deliberately created to harm others, you perpetuate the problem.

Don’t forward things by Messenger. Often those items are false or used by hackers to cause damage. You think you are warning others but the message itself is designed to cause havoc, like the recent Friend request hoax on Facebook

Ask yourself your motive

Similar to the other two points, asking yourself your motive for posting will slow down the process. Too many people are sharing the latest political information with no vetting at all. If you are in politics, perhaps this helps. If you are anyone else, give it a rest.

I know I personally do not have time to verify the source and information for breaking news. Being first to share or vent information that may be politically motivated is not a good thing. If you are distressed about today’s political climate, perhaps you should stop reading or watching the latest information.

Just because you can vent on social media doesn’t mean you should.

Correctly using social media can be very positive

If you are in a job search or are marketing your small business, building a network that supports you is critical. People are drawn to people who are positive and helpful. Share good news. Take time to find something positive to share. Comment on your friends’ posts when they are positive and helpful.

If you are a Director to Executive professional ready to launch a job search, I help you do it the right way. Contact me.

3 secrets to correctly using Social Media for job search or communication

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