Why sharing content on social media is marketing

Why sharing content on social media is marketingWhen I started sharing content by blogging or content marketing, it was new to many people. In Central Wisconsin, it was almost unheard of to be a blogger or content marketer.

In 2008, I started blogging for Design Resumes on a free WordPress site. My early posts were very different from what I write today. I learned this new kind of writing to connect me with people I never met, but now it supplies much of my client base.

Content marketing is a strategy

Communicating with the market place is something that every business has done since the dawn of time. Print media was the standard until a few short years ago.

If you wanted to share the news about your business or product, you placed an advertisement in the daily paper. Even before that, you marketed in the weekly gazette or  even put homemade fliers up at the general store.

Customers read the newspaper, listened to the radio, or watched television to learn about your product. All are still viable alternatives but now with the advent of the computer and Internet, we can create whole new ways of communicating and sharing content, such as this blog.

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Some people never get as far as you did today by actually going to the blog post and reading it. People will like a post on Facebook but never go through to the site to read the actual content. For writers of blogs who freely share information and quality content, it is disappointing to not even bring the reader to the content. But the blame might be more on the fact that most people learn social media by doing and some only had so much curiosity. They never felt the need to take things to the next step of actually using social media to learn valuable things.

Subject matter at your fingertips

For me, it was different. When I first stumbled on social media and figured out its potential, I was hungry to learn more and to recognize there were subject matter experts at my finger tips. In my early days on Twitter, I was reading, reading, reading and I rapidly learned from experts in the field.

The new word of mouth is social media marketing

When you read this blog, you help me when you share on Facebook or Twitter. Most content marketers or bloggers make it easy to share by putting the sharing buttons below the posts or perhaps on the side of the posts. All you have to do is click them to share to your favorite platforms.

Increase the visibility of the job seeker by using social media, a proven method to get job seekers to land more rapidly.

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