10 Tips to Better Networking for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs

As an executive resume writer, I coach you in better networking strategies for your job search. Today we recognize networking comes in many forms and includes both online and in-person networking.

I expanded and experimented with my online networking skills to grow a healthy and helpful network.

5 Tips to Better Networking

  1. Decide that you will make the effort to network. Funny as that might seem, I am not at loss for opportunities but I was reluctant to go.
  2. Find a friend. It is so much easier to go with a friend and amazingly, no one had a problem with being the driver. If you don’t want to go alone, find a friend.
  3. Bring business cards or other information about who you are or what you do. Even a job seeker can have a business card with name and contact information. A portfolio or briefcase with your information in it (resume for job seekers or fliers for entrepreneurs) will be handy if someone asks.
  4. Plan your short intro (elevator speech) in advance and tailor it for the group you are with.
  5. Real networking isn’t speed dating. Don’t feel you need to speak with everyone in the room but strive to make one or two new contacts at every event you attend.

5 More Tips for Better Networking

  1. Though I don’t recommend you to run around collecting business cards, if you share business cards around the table or room, take them for future reference.
  2. If you are a story-teller (guilty), remember active conversation is key at networking events. If you are finding yourself telling your life story or long paragraphs, think briefer.
  3. Be interested in others. Truly listen. For people nervous about attending events, remember others are too.
  4. Don’t stick to a clique. When you start attending more events, you will meet people from earlier ones. You certainly can interact with them and even get to know people better but strive to expand your network with at least one new person at each event.
  5. Follow-up. Now you can take that real-life experience to online. Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ or wherever you are comfortable.
  6. Bonus: Determine to connect with at least one person you met at a networking event in a one-on-one. Lunch, breakfast, coffee, or even a phone or Zoom call. Expand the relationship.

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10 Tips to Better Networking for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs

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