3 job search tips to transform your search

3 job search tips to transform your search

Everyone can use job search tips to help them win a new position. The economy is clearly getting better than it was the last five years, which should give hope to job seekers. However, many unemployed people struggle with job search and others wonder if they should make a move now.

Brainstorm new job search opportunities

  • Find job search tips by discovering and use online resources to research new fields and opportunities.
  • Susan Joyce has created Job-Hunt.org as a massive research resource.
  • Her website specific information (occupation, how many employed, decade growth forecast, salary, and education needed) for career paths from a state-by-state basis.

Propel your job search forward with a professionally written resume

  • Position yourself with a resume resonates with your value.

Readable Resumes Need To Sell Your Value

Even if you pass go by following all the tips above, your resume may still miss the mark if you write it to read like a job description.

I know. Everyone tells you to get the keywords in so that you will be found. So you copy and paste the job description of your last job or fine-tune it to fit the job you would really like.

If the hiring managers and recruiters wanted to read job descriptions all day, they could just read their own.

What hiring managers and recruiters look for is how you fit those words.

What did you do? How did you bring value. This will create a job-winning resume.

  • When you combine your resume with robust company research, you will easily succeed when you add the next step – Networking!

Empower your job search with Networking

  • After you have done your research to write your value-infused resume, build understanding of networking. and how to effectively network both online and in your daily life.
  • Use LinkedIn to discover and expand your network.
  • Find connections and insiders to the jobs you seek.
  • Using LinkedIn and other social media gets you out of the dark ages and into communication that crosses boundaries.

Differentiate yourself through professionalism in your job search

If you are wondering if it is time to make a move and sitting on your hands, now is the time. When you wait until the last-minute or procrastinate, your options of landing your ideal job diminish. Today’s resumes take time to strategically plan, design, and write.

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