3 powerful tips to successful job search

3 powerful tips to successful job search

No one said job search is easy. It isn’t but there are certain things you can change that will lead to successful job search.

Negative thinking yields negative results

Attitude is the most critical thing in a job search. Nothing will destroy your momentum more than negative thinking or wallowing in fear and anger. If you have determined you will not succeed, you won’t! Plain and simple. Successful people are the ones who dismiss the negative thinking and replace it with positive thoughts. Letting depression and anger take over your thinking and life will assure that you don’t put your energy into the things that will move your job search forward.

Sloppy  or non-existent job search materials and strategies

If you are thinking you can win in this job market with lack luster resumes, missing or incomplete LinkedIn profiles, and lack of a career marketing plan, you won’t. The competition has never been tougher.

Career professionals arm our clients with cutting-edge strategies, resumes, and up-to-the-minute ideas of how to get the employer’s attention in a job search. You can’t compete with people who spend time making sure they look good. You can do it yourself but you have to put in the time that the career professionals invested to be top in their field.

A volume resume-blasting strategy doesn’t lead to successful job search

One of the reasons it is so hard to land a job today is that for every opening advertised, employers get multiple applications from people without abilities or attributes fitting the position. The online applications made it too easy for someone with a bit of technical know-how to hit submit without even coming close to being qualified.

  • You don’t win with volume, you win by targeting.
  • Match your abilities and experience with a position that fits you well and then use your network to position you to speak with someone who has the ability to influence your application.
  • Networking is a critical component of today’s job search and you need to develop your network in the event that you need someone in your corner.

None of these are new concepts but every day I see someone struggling because of one of the three points above. Don’t let it be you.

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