4+ Reasons you should always use voicemail

4+ Reasons you should always use voicemailJob seekers often don’t like to use voicemail. They figure no one will call them back or they don’t know what to say. However, this leaves potential job and networking opportunities on the table.

Why should you always use voicemail?

#1 People are not always available to answer your call. 

You might assume when someone doesn’t pick up that they don’t want to talk to you. In reality, many people are not able to answer your call at the time.

  1. They might be in a staff meeting.
  2. Perhaps they need personal time such as bio-breaks, showers, or exercise?
  3. They could be meeting with clients.
  4. A work project may be on deadline.
  5. They could be on another call.
  6. Or maybe they are driving.

Leaving a voicemail will allow them to reach out when they have time. Perhaps, they can offer you a scheduling tool to schedule a call. I use Calendly to schedule my calls. This tool made it so much easier for prospects and clients to schedule time with me. We weren’t playing phone or email tag. They matched their best times with my available times. I even sent a link to my mortgage broker so she could pick the best time to meet.

You will sound more professional

By understanding that people have multiple reasons for not picking up, you keep yourself in the running. Don’t get angry because someone doesn’t pick up when you call.

Instead, craft a professional response or script for voicemail. Always limit the time to speak. Ask them if you could have 10 minutes of their time. They can give you more but they will be more inclined to contact you if they know you are respectful of their time.

One more reason people may not pick up your call

  • They receive too many robocalls.

Disruptions to work rank as one of the causes of less productivity. Even as a small business, I get my share of hang-up calls, Google listing spam, IRS spam, and more. I get many calls from across the country and often I will answer but not when I engage in other work.

If you do get voicemail, leave a message. You don’t know why someone didn’t answer. Just make it easy for them to call you back when they are free to do so.

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