5 quick fixes to improve LinkedIn results for you

If you want to improve LinkedIn results for you, here are 5 quick fixes that will take a sub-par profile to satisfactory. If you read carefully, there are at least 6 more detailed tips to make your LinkedIn profile valuable for you.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn photo

Experts agree you need a photo on LinkedIn to attract people to your profile. In fact, statistics show your LinkedIn profile is 11% more likely to be seen with a photo. 11% – that’s huge!

Many people upload a photo but it misses the mark on multiple fronts. Improve LinkedIn results by checking your photo to make sure you have not made these mistakes:

  1. Bad lighting – too dark, too yellow, too green. Your photo should have natural skin tones, not some bad lighting effect.
  2. Lack of professionalism – while you don’t have to wear a 3 piece suit, you should dress well (not ripped blue jeans and inside out sweatshirt) and make sure your hair (and makeup for women) looks good.
  3. Appropriate background – the background doesn’t have to be the photographer’s backdrop. However, it should work with your look and not clash. One photographer suggested a white background to make the photo pop. Don’t use a party shot where there are people in the background.
  4. Preferably use a photo with only you in it. Unless you are a pro with Photoshop, most people end up with someone else’s hair or hand in the photo when they try to crop photos.

Check your settings to improve LinkedIn results

  1. On the photo, set dropdown the right side of your photo to Everyone. People who are not connected with you can now see your photo, which is very handy for recruiters and hiring managers.
  2. Check to see the public profile settings have all the boxes checked. If you leave out your education, experience, or summary, people who are not connected with you will not see most of your profile. Locking down LinkedIn for privacy is a really bad idea because it is designed for networking. If you are that worried about privacy, you might as well abandon LinkedIn because it will not work for you.

Set up your LinkedIn public profile URL

Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. It should look like this: www.linkedin.com/in/juliewalraven You can find the settings under the “edit your public profile” in the Privacy and Settings

Familiarize yourself with the Privacy and Settings area

One of the things I do with all of my clients is go through all the settings. You find them in the drop down on the far right under the mini photo of you. Privacy and Settings on LinkedIn continually change. Unless you are there as often as I am (daily most of the time), you won’t be familiar with what is new and how it impacts your profile.

Choose skills wisely for the work you do

Entrepreneur, job seeker, or professional, don’t let LinkedIn suggest the words in your profile. Make a conscious effort to brainstorm the right words to sell whatever you want people to know about you.

Don’t be a stranger to LinkedIn

Besides a robust, value-filled LinkedIn profile with complete information that is well written and showcases your talents, you have to show up. If you just have the profile and never connect with others or share information, you miss LinkedIn’s value.

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