5 warning signs you are in a toxic workplace

Sometimes when people finally reach out to work with me, they have been working in a toxic workplace for far too long. At this point, it is imperative that they change jobs but often they feel like they have no value.

The 5 warning signs you are in a toxic workplace

  • You hate going to work

When you hate going to work every single day, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. When your self-esteem takes a daily hit, the motivation for going to work even when you need the income is at zero.

  • Your health is being compromised

If you are otherwise healthy but now are experiencing health issues like high blood pressure or migraine headaches, it is a sign that the work environment may be affecting your health.

  • You hate the people you work with

While you can find yourself upset with someone on occasion, if you find this is a daily occurrence, you may be in a toxic workplace.

  • You feel overwhelmed daily

If your workload keeps escalating way beyond your job description and you are taking on more functions with no more compensation, this is also a toxic workplace.

  • You never feel appreciated

While no one should expect a high five for everything you do, if you never hear a thank you for the above and beyond work you do, you may be in a toxic workplace.

9 things you should not do when you are in a toxic workplace

  1. Lash out – No matter how frustrated you are, don’t lash out at others in the workplace or your boss. It won’t help and it could make it tougher on you.
  2. Do inferior work – The temptation to sabotage projects or just do less than you are required is there but continue to do your job.
  3. Pile on more work – this may sound like a direct contradiction of the point above, but you don’t have to take on work outside your job description. It may seem a compliment when someone asks you to take over quality control but unless you have clearly redefined your responsibilities, you may end up in a jumbo job with no end in sight.
  4. Skip work – A pattern of sick days or tardiness ends up hurting your job record. Not going to work because you don’t feel like it isn’t the answer.
  5. Start drinking – Sometimes people take up substances, such as alcohol or drugs, to cope with tough circumstances. This is only going to make things worse.
  6. Take it out on your family – Your family already knows there is something wrong, but they did not create the problem and you can’t be attacking them. Make every effort to keep the peace at home.
  7. Burn Bridges – As tempting as it is to bash your employer or company, keep those conversations in a safe place – not on social media or at the office gathering and certainly not when in conversation with potential employers.
  8. Go into hiding – Going into hiding whether physical or virtual is a bad idea. It just gives the toxic situation more power over you. By giving up things that make you happy, you won’t be happier.
  9. Vent on social media – While I passionately believe you should not go into hiding, saying I hate my job or trash-talking your company on social media is not going to help and it could stop you from moving forward in the job search or life.

What should you do when you are in a toxic workplace?

Recognize that it is happening. You often feel like it is your fault and as if you have no value. The negativity skyrockets and invades your entire mindset. It makes it difficult for you to be happy at home.

  1. Health comes first – Act by scheduling an appointment with your primary physician to double-check symptoms. While many people want to avoid medications or medical treatment, you are better off knowing and having expert advice.
  2. Make exercise a habit – the endorphins generated by exercise interact with the receptors in your brain that trigger a positive feeling in the body, leading to an energizing outlook on life. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, and boost self-esteem.
  3. Start the process of finding a new job – It is tempting to stay in a role or with a company. Sometimes people think that longevity with a company is critical. While you don’t want to be a job hopper, companies are actually less willing to hire people who stay with a company for more than 10 years. Changing a job is a strategic move that should benefit you from multiple perspectives.
  4. Hire help in job search – While you might be very willing to hire an expert mechanic, lawyer, accountant, physician, plumber, contractor, or hairstylist, some people struggle with investing in expert help in their career journey. They assume they should be able to do it themselves. But ultimately, a career expert can guide you in the right direction and prepare you to make a strategic move.

If you are stuck in a toxic workplace and hate your job, let me help you start your career journey with a solid strategy aimed at helping you once again enjoy your work. Review my services and take that first step today.

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5 warning signs you are in a toxic workplace

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