8 Essential Tips for Writing Effective Cover Letters

Writing effective cover letters daunts many a job seeker. Writing effective cover letters means honing in on a specific job target and demonstrating how you fit that specific job.

Does writing effective cover letters matter?

Don’t leave out a cover letter – don’t fall for the cover letters are dead theory. If you write compelling cover letters selling you for the specific job, you are more likely to be hired. Don’t assume no one will read it. Every situation is different. Never take the chance because you may be applying to company whose leaders value cover letters.

Target your cover letters – Don’t think a cover letter should be generic. Generic cover letters never work. I insist on a job description to write the cover letters included in my packages. You need to be speaking to the employer not randomly listing your skills.

Know where it is going – Dig in and do some research. Find out who the decision makers are for the job. This will benefit you in the long run anyway because you will have an internal contact (not HR or a recruiter).

Crucial Tactics for Writing Effective Cover Letters

Do your homework – Where is the company positioned, what are the products, and how do your skills match?

Don’t be tempted by volume – True in all parts of job search, volume doesn’t win. Most people don’t like writing cover letters because they apply in volume. Volume job search strategies are ineffective. You need to target to win.

Get Specific – Dig into the job description and sell the value you bring. Sell your value. and what makes you unique. Use statistics to show your success stories.

Close by asking for the interview – If you ask for the follow-up or tell them you will call, you are in control of the process. You aren’t being too aggressive. Many people are afraid to follow-up. Not following up loses more jobs.

The follow-up to the cover letter – Don’t leave them in charge. Follow up in 7-10 days from every stage of the job search starting with the submission. If you did your homework, you know the decision makers. Show them you are the one they need for the job.

Why writing effective cover letters matters

While you should personalize the resume to the field and industry, the cover letter showcases your value for the particular job.

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8 Essential Tips for Writing Effective Cover Letters

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