When did you last analyze where your life is going?

When did you last analyze where your life is going?


Analyze or analysis is something few of us do regularly. Most of the time, we muddle on doing what we do until something breaks or we find a reason we need to re-evaluate.

What about you? When did you stop to analyze where your life is going?

For me, I think I press on most of the time but sometimes when I just think like things could be different. This year, I have been blessed with amazing clients and business.

It’s a good thing! Overall, my business has gone well and experiencing a growth pattern.

With the help of several of my clients, I recognized I couldn’t keep up the pace of the past few years. I work 6 days a week and most evenings.

My pace didn’t even change much when I fell on December 20 and fractured my pelvic bone, I took two days off to recuperate and a few more days to celebrate Christmas and then went full gusto by January 1.

2016 has been the best business year ever for Design Resumes with amazing clients from throughout the United States and beyond. Most weeks I had 20+ client appointments and a typical day was 4 clients per day.

I needed to reassess and rethink about how many hours I am scheduling clients.

Since I work with people from multiple careers and levels in those careers as a professional resume writer, I need to be very alert and at my best to be able to help my clients effectively.

I wasn’t being very kind to me by working my 6 day schedule and eventually it was going to affect my delivery to my clients. I love my work and my clients but the pace was killing me.

Exhaustion is not productive!

Even with the popular book, the 4-Hour Workweek, Americans and many other professionals around the global are still working long hours and long weeks.

There is proof that your productivity doesn’t go up when you are continually burning the candle at both ends.

Assess, Analyze, and Change

New scheduling changes offer more time for me to write blog posts and other content. I plan to use that time to follow-up with clients, enhance my skills with more training, organize my office. Perhaps I can improve financial tracking and reporting and still have time to work in the garden, enjoy cooking, walk Buddy, and have free time.

We push back against change

It is human nature for us to push back against change even when we are not being good to ourselves and the result of the current strategy will hurt us.

As I work with clients, we often uncover reasons that their current job isn’t working for them. Do you wish they had more time to spend with family. Perhaps you wish you could enjoy life more. Or do you wish you didn’t have to work such long hours.

When you are entrenched in the way it always was, it is difficult to envision solutions or even recognize life could be different. If you are one of those who let life go by without analyzing what is happening, perhaps it is time for you to take time to do just that.

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