Are frequent job changes harmful to my resume?

Are frequent job changes harmful to my resume?The economy is starting to slowly recover and my clients are landing amazing opportunities. Many of the clients I work with continue to get offers after they have accepted the next role. Should they consider moving on right away?

How do you access a job offer?

The thrill of successfully landing is a very powerful motivator. Being wanted and valued is something we all strive to achieve but how do you handle an offer after you have accepted the new role.

When I am coaching clients, I often tell them to not jump at the first offer. I know how hard that can be because there is the thought that this might be the only offer. I ask them to carefully consider new jobs beginning with the interview process. Does it feel like a good fit? Do you like the culture and the other employees you will be working with? Does the compensation package meet your needs?

I understand how tempting it can be to take a job just to have a job. Being unemployed or in a position you hate is hard and waiting for the right opportunity is often the last thing you want to do but it is also the best thing to do.

If you applied to several positions you really love, understand that every company has its own approach to the hiring process and each company is driven by their own urgency. While the first company could schedule your first interview immediately and get you an offer after the second interview, the company that you really want might have an extensive landing process but could result in work you love, people you enjoy, and a compensation package that beats the other one hands down.

One of my recent landing stories, a Vice President of Information Technology, had multiple interviews before they made the offer but not only is the compensation package good, he is doing work for a company he respects in a beautiful part of the country. He had other opportunities but this one fit not only the salary goals but the value goals. You don’t want to take a job that will make you sell your soul either.

Will frequent job changes hurt your future career?

Will one job change that comes too quickly after the last one hurt you? No, but if you continue that pattern by being flattered by the attention and wooed by the opportunities to move quickly, remember that you need a strategy in job moves. A pattern of frequent moves will eventually hurt you and your resume will suffer from frequent job changes.

Strategy plays a role throughout your career beginning with positioning yourself as the best candidate with an exceptional resume and LinkedIn profile and continuing with evaluating each position carefully. When you are thoughtful and thorough in your search, you will land more opportunities and better opportunities.

Take a deep breath and look at the job search strategically to avoid the penalties from too frequent job changes.

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