Are you afraid of trying something new?

Are you afraid of trying something new?

We put limitations on ourselves all the time. It can be as simple as never trying something new in the kitchen or in our diet to bigger things like never trying anything  out of the norm. The smoothies on the right are one of my many experiments this summer. I liked them when I went out to eat but didn’t often try them at home.

Ask questions

I started asking questions of people who were already enjoying smoothies. My next door neighbors, Alyson and Ashlie, are into healthy foods and eating. By using some of their suggestions coupled with my own experimentation, I am delighted with the options for smoothies. The one at the right has frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, some apple juice for the liquid, low-fat Greek yogurt, and mint leaves from my mint patch. This is today’s version.

My friend and client, Yolanda, is also venturing into new ground.  We know each other from church. She was one of two students in my Blogging class at church. Boy, did she take off! She wasn’t afraid to get her feet wet. She wrote more than 70 posts in less than six months on the church blog. But she went way beyond just helping out with the church’s new project, she launched two of her own blogs.

Start your research

She has multiple talents from writing to photography to piano playing. Whenever she doesn’t know something, she starts researching and takes it seriously enough to become good at whatever she wanted to know. She inspires me. Her post, Is Fear Holding You Back resonated with me as I started to select a topic for today’s post. As she said, “Don’t be fooled.  Fear is tricky.  Its voice will sound rational and tell you to stay where it’s safe.  Risk is a part of life and moving forward often involves risk.”

Give it a try

Yolanda felt drawn to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She set up a new business using her new degree in massage and launched a blog and website for Wausau Mobile Massage. But her passion is really in writing and so she launched a second site under her own name.

Three steps to trying some thing new

  1. Ask someone who has expertise.
  2. Conduct your own research and gain or improve your skills.
  3. Give it a try.

Whether you are thinking about changing your career, launching a new business, or learning new skills, the process works. What doesn’t work is when you decide in advance that you will fail and so you don’t try at all.

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