Target company analysis is game-changer for interviews

Target company analysis is a new concept to many job seekers. However, it is something that every job seeker should be doing during their job search.

I just finished writing a cover letter with a client seeking a role in Brand Management. She is very familiar with target marketing because it is part of what she has been doing throughout her career.

However, as we approached her cover letter I realized that I was still giving her new ideas. In one of her prior roles, she had written blogs for the agency website. I researched her target company and paralleled it to her experience.

We linked to several articles she wrote that fit the niche industry. This was a new concept to her but one she readily embraced.

Does target company analysis change the way you apply?

Yes, if you conduct target company analysis you may realize more aspects about a company and its mission.

For example, we also found software applications and did a deep dive on one of the companies. We learned who the customers using the software were, which enabled my client to prepare better for future interviews.

Identify how you fit with target company analysis

Job Seeker Target Company analysis

Target company analysis is interview prep

Most job seekers do very little research about the job and the company. If you are one of the few who does this, you will stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Recognize the need to find out about the company. What should you look for when doing target company analysis?

  • Identify the company products or services. Do you have experience with the product line or services?
  • What is their target market for customers? What industry? Segment? Specialty?
  • Are they privately held or publicly traded? Search for financials.
  • Who is their leadership? Identify the C-Suite officers, board of directors, and senior leadership. Research them on LinkedIn.
  • Does the job description specify software applications? Do you have experience with the application?

Don’t go into an interview blind. Understand the company, the products, and the position. This will make or break your chances of landing your next job.

In 2019, we added Target Company Analysis as one more of the many coaching and writing tools in our Preferred and Ultimate Packages. You can learn more here.

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