Are you ever too old for a job search?

Are you ever too old for a job search?

How do you know when you are too old? Job seekers ask me about the too old question frequently. My answer is that if you conduct a job search properly, there is never a too old.

How do you transition in the workplace if you are not too old?

There are physical jobs that potentially you cannot do for the rest of your life. However, if you think about what you know in your field, there are ways to use that knowledge in a different job.

  • If you physically worked construction, there are companies would could benefit from your knowledge base in other ways.
  • As a registered nurse, your skills can be transferable to case management roles.
  • In fields like information technology, as long as you continue to stay current in technology, your options abound.

The key is staying viable in your field

One of the big issues for older job seekers is that they lose their enthusiasm for learning new things. This can be the death of a career. For example, someone in IT will rapidly become useless if they don’t watch technology trends. Fortunately, education has never been more accessible.

In addition, it is very easy to learn what new trends are up and coming if you stay tuned to the web. In IT, up and coming trends include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Technology
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Technology Convergence
  • Advance and Predictive Analytics
  • Web & Mobile Development

The next critical issue is staying connected

If you are worried about being too old for a job search, you can stop worrying if you have a viable network. The people who struggle in job search at any age are those who only apply online. You need to be willing to reach out and tell someone your needs. Understand that to find a new role, you need to leverage people inside the companies. The tools are there. LinkedIn can tell you who is connected to the company you desire. But you have to get out of the your comfort zone and make a phone call.

Too old for a job search? Not if you stay prepared and networked. Only those people who isolate themselves and run away from learning new things have to worry about being too old.

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