Are you standing apart or staying where you are at?

Standing apart. In today’s world, differentiating yourself is difficult.

We have a herd mentality. Much of this comes from the “group think” of social media. The thought of standing apart is foreign to us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love many things about social media. I love talking clients and friends a half a world away instantaneously. Perhaps you are like me and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of your friends and connections.

I love building business with the help of people touched by my work who share it with others. For a creative person like myself, social media is a way to reach many easily. Social media pivotally impacted Design Resumes. It connected me with amazing people all over the globe.  I love all of that!

What I don’t love is the herd mentality

We perceive others on the base of the crowd or herd mentality and often are afraid to think original thoughts. Or if we do, we never share our thoughts in fear of being different.

This can crush innovation and originality as you try to stay safe and avoid standing apart. My thoughts I share with you today are motivated by both the music I am listening to and a devotion I am reading by David Villa called Speak Life. Think about this:

You were born to multiply all of the gifts and talents that are inside you. You were created to stand apart, not to stay where you are at.

How to start standing apart

Standing apart is hard. You must be willing to walk your own way. This is why is it more comfortable to be part of the herd and not differentiate yourself. Interestingly, most people who hire me to redefine job search want to be different. The path they followed for years isn’t working and they want to look for the right job, the one that really challenges them.

However, this takes guts! Any time you leave the crowd or leave the herd mentality to stand apart, you take a chance.

Most of us can’t predict the future. Change frightens us. We clutch familiarity and fear letting go. You can make a misstep or go the wrong way, and that is scary.

This is where I come in.

I paved the way when I chose to expand my business and stretch my marketplace. However, while I expanded globally, I used the same delivery as all of my local clients experienced for years only with technology’s help.

What differentiates me from other career professionals is how my services are delivered live. Job Seekers who hire me work directly with me in a collaborative environment enabled by Zoom’s video technology. We meet together writing resumes, strategizing the best LinkedIn solution, gaining training on current job search strategies. You ask me any question and we find answers together if I don’t already know them.

Are you ready to start standing apart? Is it time to find the next role that harnesses your experience and allows you to express your personality? Learn more.


Are you standing apart or staying where you are at?

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