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Career professionals often face people who are a.) reluctant to even hire a professional and b.) unaware that resumes have changed dramatically since they wrote one. c.) pressured by family or friends to use a do-it-yourself method instead of hiring an expert.

Even five years ago, resumes were significantly different from what a career professional creates today.

Recently, I worked with a client who originally was my client in 1996 and who I had last worked with in 1998. He had successfully used the bare bones resume we created at that time and even launched his own company in the health care field at one point. His skill sets in both technology and management had ramped up completely since our original visit.

Investing into your future

The investment levels for my services had also changed significantly since he last worked with me. His original resume was $25.00 in 1996 and because everything about his resume had changed, he was now looking at an investment into a new resume at more than 10 times that amount. Friends and family members were insisting that he didn’t need my help at all.

Is your brother-in-law or _____ a resume expert?

His girl friend even called him during his appointment and said, “My sister just graduated from the university, she can write your resume for free.” I call that the brother-in-law expert syndrome. Brother-in-law, college roommate, father, mother, and your next door neighbor are all resume experts. Never mind that none of them belong to career industry organizations or interface daily with other experts as I do, they are experts because they think they are.

There wasn’t any similarity in products because his career had evolved into so much more than when he first graduated. As we sifted through his accomplishments and I probed to get him to tell me what differentiated him from the rest of the field, I watched him smile and he started saying, “I am so glad I did this.”

He was more than happy with the final product but there was still the question of all those extra voices telling him he should have done it himself. As I do with my clients, I reminded him to take it home and read it over and call me with any changes.

The next day he called and said there were no changes. I asked what his family and friends thought of the resume. He said when he showed them the new version of his resume, they were blown away. 

Hiring me to write your resume is a decision only you can make. However, my  live-writing session ensures that we collect the latest accomplishments and that you participate fully in the resume development process. I don’t write or format like I did in 1996 because those resumes (which worked at the time) would never work today. You need to know how to add 2012 strategies into your career search. I can tell you how.

Julie Walraven can help you achieve results through using a personalized job search and resume writing  strategy to take the mystery out of the process. To find out how, simply click here!

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