9362621669_6310cc426e_m Are you starting your job search with an OLD resume?It is real tempting to pull out an old resume and just send it in. Old is very relative in the resume writing field. I just looked at one dated 2007 that I wrote and said “yuck!” It was a great resume then but compared to the resumes I create now, it is archaic.

What’s wrong? It’s black and white, has too much information about the companies and too little about accomplishments, and has old content dating too far in the past.

Using an Old Resume? Resumes have changed

As a professional resume writer, I understand how resume writing changed dramatically throughout my career. I study career industry trends and strategies to discern what is changing and what new ideas to incorporate. For example, starting way back in 2003, color became a critical component of my resume designs.

I want the resumes I write to resonate with the value and showcase the industry. My clients often are amazed at the way we weave content and accomplishments to tell their resume stories. You would be surprised at how many new ways there are to highlight your value using the newest resume strategies. Today, the resume is just the tip of the iceberg. Job seekers need a total arsenal of strategies and tools to win the next role. There is LinkedIn, online applications, networking strategies, and much more than make job search harder.

How do you know what to put in a resume?

As I develop resumes and analyze the resume target, I ask what are the major goals of their most recent job while conducting an ongoing interview throughout the resume development process. Clients meet with me on WebEx, Skype, or in my Wausau office for a number of sessions depending on their career path and the career level they seek.

Initially, I create a blueprint (project roadmap) for the whole project and then start with the resume before we advance to additional services needed such as cover letters, references, LinkedIn profiles, job search coaching, or interview coaching.

We converse about their former positions and craft the new resume with the features chosen from the samples I share in our sessions. In recent weeks, even though it is summer, there have been multiple success stories each week. Off the top of my head, here are some of my client’s new roles:

  • Wealth Management
  • Physician Assistant
  • Director of Financial Aid – College
  • Office Manager – Construction Industry
  • Executive Assistant – Healthcare
  • Sales and Service Manager – Sign Industry
  • Assistant Publisher – Travel Industry
  • Vice Chair of Medicine – Healthcare
  • Training Curriculum Manager – Sales
  • Operations Manager – Automotive Industry

All of these newly landed job seekers collaborated with me to create cutting-edge resumes. Most also worked with me to create fully optimized LinkedIn profiles and all of them are savvy job seekers who use their networks to move forward. Using your old resume or old resume and job search strategies will prolong a job search and make you miss opportunities.

Land your next role! I can help you win new positions by using my interactive coaching style of resume writing to create your new resume and help you use multiple tools such as LinkedIn to propel you to success in your job search! Learn more here

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