Are you strengthening trust with others or destroying trust?

Strengthening TrustTrust is a nebulous thing. Most people want people to trust them but often they aren’t strengthening trust or building trust, in fact they may be consciously or unconsciously destroying that trust.

Are there people who you immediately distrust?

Some people who should be in the business of strengthening trust automatically give off vibes that cause us to distrust them. As I work with people, I look for eye contact and I listen closely to what they say and how they say it.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals need to be cognizant of the impression they generate and be strengthening trust in their products or services because today’s buying decisions are based on sincerity and authenticity. Checking a service or product online is very easy. Most services or products I buy are based on a personal recommendation. If someone gives off the sleaze factor, I look for an alternative.

Why embellishing the truth on your resume is a bad idea

When someone says something but winks to let me know that maybe they are embellishing the truth, I get a sick feeling especially if I am working with a client on his or her resume. The word “embellish” automatically makes me cringe. In today’s world, just like checking on products or services, checking facts is easy. A minute or two with Google will let you verify many things. If you make a phone call in relation to a statistic on a resume or LinkedIn and find it to be incorrect, you will lose trust.

Think about your career when you are tempted to take shortcuts or not deliver on promises, those moments of indiscretion may cost you a job in the future.

Julie Walraven is a triple-certified resume writer whose interactive coaching style helps job seekers earn winning positions when she creates tactical resumes and LinkedIn profiles to market you for success. Learn more here.

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