Are you struggling in 2020?

Face it, none of us in the world expected this 2020 when we ended 2019 on New Year’s Eve. Many of us expected even bigger things out of 2020 than we did in 2019 even though for many people 2019 was the best year they had so far in their career or business.

You probably did not expect to struggle and struggling in 2020 wouldn’t have been a question then.

How would you answer the question “are you struggling in 2020?”

Then whomp! It didn’t take long for 2020 to show its true colors. By the end of February, most of us were well aware of the coronavirus but we definitely had no clue as to how long the impact would last. By mid-March when I wrote: Are you focusing on the right thing during this coronavirus crisis? we had started to see the ramifications. The run on toilet paper had begun, the supply chain has still not recovered from the panic-buying during that time frame.

The lockdowns, quarantines, and overall panic increased throughout 2020. Here it is August and there is no more certainty about when this will end than ever before.

The mask-wearing commenced to ward off a disease that very few people understand. The fights and anger about resuming life as it was before the virus still continue as people who are struggling in 2020 try to find ways to survive.

Are you struggling in 2020 is a very personal question

Fear has largely taken hold of many people. For some, it has changed their personalities and made them angry at anyone who doesn’t see life as they do. For others, it has pushed them deeper into depression.

There are health ramifications not directly related to the disease but affect the lives of previously healthy people and very few people are talking about the impact on mental health and overall health. The world is fixated on this one disease.

You might think that there is no hope for new career opportunities or people being hired during these tough times but I would tell you that isn’t true at all.

If you have thrown in the towel on your career, you are going in the wrong direction!

But I know how easy it is to assume that no one is winning new jobs because the news keeps telling you about the unemployment rate. There is rampant unemployment in some sectors but there are new opportunities.

I continued to work with job seekers throughout the pandemic and success stories are rolling in. However, people who are not preparing to show their best self and network will still struggle. I’ve said it many times in the past, if you think that applying online alone will get you a job, you will wait a long time. And yes, you will struggle.

The people I see winning jobs are proactive. They use their network throughout their job search after they prepared the best possible strategy for their resume and LinkedIn to ensure that they demonstrate their value. It isn’t easy but success comes to those who take job search seriously.

Are you serious about your job search? I can help you to succeed. Learn more. 

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