Are you wishing you had a new headshot?

Anyone who uses Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn knows that you really would like to change your profile pic a wee bit more than you want to go see a professional photographer. Some of you will have the perfect photographer in your family or maybe you are really good at using your cell phone to shoot your own.

Others like me will usually need to hire someone. But then you don’t want to run out and get a new headshot every time you want to change the look. Last month I figured out that the webcam I use for Skype lets me set up the shot and take as many as I like until I find one I am willing to share.

Today was my day at Kasha Salon with my hair stylist, Becky. When Becky does my hair, it looks totally different that if I do it myself. I am a resume writer. She is a Hair Stylist! And she knows what she is doing. So when I got home last month and again today, I took a couple of new shots with the web cam. At the right is the results.

Now even the guys could do this, because you know that even for the guys, you sometimes get a better hair look fresh from the barber or hair stylist.

But for the ladies, I know many women who would prefer to have a photo taken when they have just had their hair styled professionally.

If you really want to have a new headshot, this is my tip of the day. If you are already using Skype with your computer or have a built in webcam, you can just let Skype’s profile pic be your next headshot. As I posted this one on Facebook, I realized that Facebook will also let you take a webcam pic. So whatever works for you, this is your chance to change that old pic and freshen up your profile!

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