How to avoid worry when you face a merger-acquisition

face a merger-acquisition A merger-acquisition is often inevitable in your career. Key to avoiding worry is how ready you are for the future.

When I work with clients, I now discuss how to research companies to determine their stability. This has to be part of the career conversation.

Not that you should steer away from joining a company with a pending merger-acquisition but you should go in with your eyes wide open.

Hints of pending mergers are often somewhere in the press or company information. Research companies before you commit.

How common is a merger-acquisition?

The difficulty in today’s world is that merger-acquisitions are more common than not. One of my clients has had a role in 17 merger-acquisitions. Others are concerned because the company they worked for is gone. How will people check on them?

Many of people I speak to wonder how to talk about companies that don’t exist any more. I tell them they are not alone.

Frequently I work with people who have 5 or 6 companies that either aren’t in business any more or are operating under new names.

There are companies whose sole purpose was to be acquired and other companies whose sole purpose is to acquire other companies.

No wonder workers often feel insecure. 

Take charge of your own career

One of the things I coach clients on is making sure that they are always ready for a potential change. You can’t assume you will have a job for life.

Track your accomplishments and prepare by keeping a current LinkedIn profile, updating your resume every few years, and networking continuously. If you do become a victim of a merger-acquisition or some other workforce reduction, you will have options.

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