Why I bake bread and what that has to do with job search

Bake bread

Lately, it just seems like we have a messed up world on so many fronts. I bake bread because it gives me some control over all the variables in life.

Baking bread is calming. I have control over the process. It doesn’t always go right but I can analyze what I did differently and change it next time.

When I bake bread, I have control

Sometimes you just need control over something when things feel like they are spinning out of control. When I bake bread, I follow a recipe. I can set up the ingredients in advance so I don’t get confused. Often, I use my timer for each stage. It eliminates wondering if the yeast has proofed long enough or if the dough has doubled.

Technology in bread baking

The recipe I make the most often is Amish White Bread. I found it on Pinterest and keep it in my bread making board.

Yes, even in my baking, I use technology to find recipes, store them, and even buy unusual ingredients on Amazon.

Networking in bread baking

I post photos of my bread and often connect with others who like to bake. One of my former clients even gave me some more resources on Facebook as we talked back and forth about baking. People are willing to lend advice or suggestions easily.

How does baking bread connect to job search?

Though you often feel out of control in job search, there are many steps you can take to gain control. You can organize your accomplishments, inventory your skills, and make sure you have all the right ingredients to launch a successful job search:

  • Outstanding Resume resonating with your Value
  • Complete and Interesting LinkedIn Profile
  • Targeted Cover Letters
  • Robust Network
  • Adept use of Technology
  • Quality Interview Preparation
  • Regular Follow-up

If you are prepared for your job search, the process will seem almost effortless. You won’t be stressed out, you will be in control. If you want to know how I can help you, click here.


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