You can’t sell yourself for the job if you don’t sound like you can do the job.

What a concept. Sell Yourself.

How do you sell yourself for the job?

Often I tell clients to think of themselves as the product. This works especially well when the client understands sales or business development. In sales, you understand that you can’t sell a product without trying to find network connections. You don’t expect to get sales without reaching out to others.

What is your marketing strategy to sell yourself?

How do you get your message to the right audience and do it effectively? What is your marketing message?

Many of the same strategies that work in business, work in job search.

  • Increase your visibility by using Social Media.
  • Write content either directly on social media or if you want to start blogging, you can use the LinkedIn platform or create your own website if you see blogging as a long-term strategy.
  • Use video. You can create your own Youtube channel or experiment with the many other video resources available. If you do this kind of promotion, make sure you plan it completely.
  • Build a database of contacts and create a marketing campaign to reach out to your network with personalized messaging.

Positive or negative job search or career change

  • You can do the “poor me” kind of attitude and feel like you are entitled.
  • You can be fearful and frightened and barely make eye contact in an interview.


  • You select companies that are a direct match for your skills and develop a value-driven, accomplishment-rich resume and cover letter that showcase those skills.
  • You can do your homework on the company, figure out their “pain” and determine what solutions would offer and sell that in the interview.
  • And you can continue to be the valued employee when you do land so that you are the one sought out for new opportunities, promotions, and future success.

When you walk into an interview with the confidence you can do the job because you already know that you are more than competent, it shows! Want to give it a try?

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You can\'t sell yourself for the job if you don\'t sound like you can do the job.


  1. Mark Harai on December 9, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Confidence makes all the difference in world in your professional and business life. Great inspiration here Julie – bravo!

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