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Yesterday, my WordPress Expert, Kim Woodbridge, added 6 new resume samples to my blog site. I then wrote the client back stories for each sample on the drop down pages to explain the client’s goals and how we designed the resume and in many cases, the results of the clients search.  I have no problem with putting my samples up on the site for you to read and share.

My husband asked why I would post samples. What if people take them and copy? Yes, they can do that but the words were written for a specific client. Each of my resumes is unique and you could do the same with any of my resumes already published in five or more resume expert books on the market at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

There will always be people who do that and perhaps for some of them, it will inspire them to create their own original document. For my clients though, the resume words and design is only part of the process. I can’t create a resume until I understand their goals and dreams.

Different resumes for different people

I can work with two people in the exact same field and each of their resumes will be very different. I have worked with people from the same companies or positions in the past but their resumes don’t look alike at all. You and I would not buy the same clothes. I might look great in blue and for you, blue is your worst color. We are all individuals and resumes need to reflect that individuality.

Dig through the resume samples. Check out samples of Registered Nurses, Business Analysts, Executive Assistants, Production Supervisors, and Sales Managers! Learn why these people contacted me and what their goals were.

Stand out from the crowd

The client who invests in my services to write their resume is looking for the words but they are also looking to stand out from the crowd. And they are looking for the career marketing strategies to use that resume to gain their next role.

So what good are the samples? Samples inspire you to think about your own resume. It’s a jump off point that will later yield your own original document. All great resume writers read resume books, look at samples on other writers sites, and continue to study career marketing strategies to stay cutting edge for their clients.

Afraid of letting you see my samples, no, I am not. Enjoy them! And then call me if you want to work with me to market your career!

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