How to capture career experience to make you exceptional

What career experience do you have that makes you exceptional?

One of the biggest struggles many job seekers have is how to define their career experience in a way that differentiates them from the crowd. When I ask for resume stories, I am often greeted with blank faces. Sadly, ingrained in many people is the perception writing a resume is a list of job duties.

Capturing your career experience is what differentiates your resume

As you think about past jobs, you uncover more success stories if you evaluate what you did to change the way work was done or how you achieved success.

Consider the following bullet points from actual client resumes:

  • Business Transformation – Transformed struggling business facing challenging retail environment, management shifts, and product issues (quality), and loss as Major Retailer exited wholesale business after 10+ years. Strategically positioned company to overcome $5M loss. Conducted intense analysis of weekly sales, review of buys, analysis of price buckets, product choices, and Average Unit Retail (AUR) to achieve fiscal year-end $12M.
  • Diversity Strategy & Measurable Outcome – Championed and executed global diversity recruitment and IT hiring through creating strategic plan, achieving the strongest measurable outcome in all the larger corporation.
  • Strategic Partnerships – Initiated and developed relationships with power companies, economic development corporations, and mutual partnerships. This resulted in new Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) opportunities in brand new industrial park.
  • Profit Growth – Increased customer deposits by $2.5 billion through soliciting and cultivating new corporate customers (i.e. Exxon, United Nations, Fidelity Investments, Fannie Mae, Guy Carpenter, Radio Shack, PPG, GE Capital, and IBM) via high volume calls.

These bullets came from job winning resumes I wrote with my clients.

My unique interactive and personalized resume writing and job search process helps job seekers better define their value and understand what employers are looking for in a resume.

The four job seekers above have a new job because they remembered how they helped their former employers. Suddenly, we discovered success stories resonating with the value they will bring to the next employer.

Ultimately, this is what job search is all about.

Let the employer know that you can solve their problems for them. You can increase their revenue. Or you can make their systems work. Or you can bring more customers in the door.

If you can’t demonstrate to an employer why you are worth their investment, they have no reason to hire you.  

As you work with me, you will realize the contributions you made. It is easy to pass off your past work as just part of the job. However, without your contributions, your employer would not have been as successful.

Do you need help to discover your exceptional career experience? Contact me and let me help you transform your job search.

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