Change your job search strategy to win new executive roles

Coaching leaders on a better job search strategy is one way I help job seekers win new roles. While a compelling executive resume is a key to winning that next CEO or COO role, the job seeker won’t get the next role if he or she only applies online.

While many of my clients today target the executive job market, I work with many others in Director, Senior Director, and Vice President roles that also need to drop the point and click strategy of online-only applications and increase their search in the hidden job market.

Is your job search strategy based on applying online?

If you are nodding your head right now, you are not alone. You can’t rely on an online-only job search strategy and put all your eggs in that basket.

Do your research on up and coming companies entering new markets, launching new products, or hiring new leadership. Who has rapid growth strategies? Vet the companies to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy. It is easy to do using Google today.

Leverage LinkedIn as key to your job search strategy

The power of LinkedIn is identifying who works there and finding out who is the decision-maker for the area of the company you want. If you are in technology, finance, marketing, supply chain, or manufacturing, find the person one to two levels above the position you seek.

If you want to be the Senior Director, Customer Security Assurance and Third-Party Risk, look for a Vice President in Security or Risk Management. If your LinkedIn network is robust, see who is connected to that person. Contact your connection and ask them how well they know the VP.

Quick tip: Networking must be integral to your job search strategy

If they have a solid networking connection, ask questions about the individual and the company. Ask if they would feel comfortable introducing you. If they are willing to help, ask for 10 minutes of the VP’s time to explore how the company handles information security and cybersecurity. Don’t ask for the job at this point, you are building a connection.

Perhaps there are no openings at that company but the VP may have knowledge of other companies hiring for those roles. Keep building your knowledge base of which companies are expanding.

I view networking as the key ingredient to building solid connections that will help you in your career. Your job search strategy is more than the resume, more than LinkedIn, more than applying online. I teach you how. Learn more.

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Change your job search strategy to win new executive roles

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