How to conquer job search in 2017 with winning strategies

How to conquer job search in 2017 with winning strategiesIf you are struggling to conquer job search and failing, perhaps you are using the wrong strategies. Many people who hire me are totally frustrated when we start working together. But that changes as they recognize how better job search strategies changes the results.

You conquer job search using right strategies

A recent client wrote this while we were working together:

Julie, we’re only part-way through the resume writing process, you really have me thinking about what differentiates me from the rest of the pack. I realize now I wasn’t positioning myself very strongly.

While I can do that really well for my clients, I’m not a really great self-promoter so that is why investing in a professional resume writer is making so much sense to me. Your process is making everything click.

And I think OH, yes, I had this success story which I can quantify and qualify like this … and bringing those stories to life has been really amazing. Thank you for showing me the right way.

After our work together, this client was interviewing again and showing much more confidence.

Another client emailed to tell me she was starting her new job and said:

I truly believe the redesign of my resume and highlights of my experience stood out for me to get that “first” interview!

What differentiates the Design Resumes process?

Collaboration. My interactive process allows my clients to participate in the development of their job search materials. With me as the writer and guide, they can voice the problems they face in job search instead of struggling alone.

After we work together, they better understand what hiring managers look for today and how to find the people who want to hire them.

Are you struggling with how to win in your job search? I teach job seekers how to write better resumes, create LinkedIn profiles that get attention, and make sure you are targeting the right direction.

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