Did you take the job of your dreams or did you settle?

Did you settle? Or are you working in the job of your dreams? Today, there are more jobs available than ever before but many people settle for a job. The alternative is hard work.

Why did you settle for something other than the job of your dreams?

You are not alone if you settled, many people do. But if you wake up wondering why you gave up your dreams, then I will tell you some  reasons people settle for less than their dream job.

Fear is a huge piece of why people settle for less.

Afraid that they are not good enough or will never be picked for the job of their dreams, many professionals settle for another role. You have a Masters degree in Finance but you settled for an Account Manager.

You could be an Account Manager for a Private Wealth Management firm like Oxford Financial Group and your salary could be out of this world. However, most Account Managers are not paid enough to compensate for their Masters degree.

Why did you settle? You worried that the mortgage would go unpaid if you didn't take the job offered even after you realized it wasn't the job you wanted.

Did you settle for less because of bad marketing?

Whether you realize it or not, job search is marketing. You are the product. If your resume doesn't market you for the roles you really want you will miss the mark.

If you skip LinkedIn or just list name rank and serial number on LinkedIn, you won't be found. 

Read this from Susan Joyce, one of my all-time heroes of job search for accurate and thoroughly researched job search information:

Complete every section possible, and don't skimp on descriptions of ALL of your jobs and employers (for the last 15 to 20 years), your quantified accomplishments in those jobs, projects, and education and training.

Stop being on the outside looking in, find the job of your dreams

Another key to finding the job of your dreams is stop looking where everyone else is looking. If you are only looking for jobs online, you will NEVER find the job of your dreams.

  • Access the Hidden Job Market.
  • Talk to people in the industry.
  • Network with a purpose.

Most of all, if you are lost, you need someone who knows the way. Let me write your career marketing materials, coach you on today's job search, and help you leverage knowledge you didn't know existed. Learn more.


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Did you take the job of your dreams or did you settle?

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