Did you win a first impression rose for the interview?

First Impression Rose

Whether you are a fan of the shows the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, you may be familiar with the significance of the rose in the show. If you receive a rose, it means you get to move on to the next phase of the show and ultimately be considered for the final rose.

What is the first impression rose?

During the first episode of the shows, someone is chosen to receive the first impression rose because they left a lasting impression on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Each of the contestants vies to be the recipient of that first impression rose but only one person is given that rose. Some people try very hard to make sure they are the likely recipient. They might write poetry or offer a special little gift or play a song or do an act to make their first impression stand out. Sometimes it works, most of the time, the winner of the first impression rose is someone whose personality stood out to the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

How do you win a first impression rose for an interview?

Interviewing is a stressful situation for almost everyone but being able to position yourself to win a figurative “first impression rose” means that you need to make a good first impression throughout the interview. Surprisingly, that first impression starts long before you actually sit down to discuss your experience or qualifications.

How do I make a better first impression in the  interview?

  1. Be on time to make the best first impression, which really means plan ahead. Make sure you know the route to the interview location. Scout the traffic in advance. Leave for the interview early.
  2. Dress for success. Don’t buy into their corporate culture as yours. If they market as casual, step it up a notch to make that great first impression. You can adjust to the company culture when you are hired but to make a positive first impression, dress up.
  3. Be prepared and organized. Male or female, if you can bring a briefcase or attache case to the meet with extra copies of your resume and any portfolios, you will make a better first impression. If you have an iPad or tablet with a presentation to showcase your skills, tuck that in the briefcase. Look organized.
  4. Skip food, candy, or gum. Eat before the interview (unless it is a lunch or breakfast interview). Remove your gum before you get to your destination and don’t bring coffee or water into the meeting.
  5. Remember to be kind. You don’t know the decision maker. Many of the front line people (receptionists, executive assistants, administrative assistants) feed back their first impression to management. Don’t be rude or condescending.
  6. Stow the electronics. Make sure you turn off the sound your phone or tablet before going to the meeting and put your device away. Don’t be tempted to play games or look at Facebook when you are waiting.
  7. Shake the hand. While traditions like handshaking are slipping away, your gesture to shake hands first will be well received. It positions you as someone who understands etiquette and is respectful. Make sure you avoid the “dead fish” handshake as well as the “Bone-crushing” handshake.
  8. Know the company. Don’t go into the interview without doing web research on the company. Understand their products, promises, marketplace, and the opportunities for future expansion.
  9. Say thank you. Say thank you when you leave the interview but also send the thank you in the mail or if there is a short timeline use email.

A quick review of these tips before your next interview will position you to win the first impression rose and in the long run, a potential lucrative job offer.

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