How to discover success writing your resume with me

How to discover success writing your resume with me

Do you dread writing your resume? What if there was a way to take the pain out of resume writing and discover success writing your resume?

Surprise! My interactive and collaborative writing and coaching process takes the pain out of resume writing.

You don’t do an intake interview with me or complete an intake form and then sit around for weeks waiting for a finished resume that you may or may not like. Or worse end up spending hours rewriting it yourself.

Instead, when you work with Julie (me), we write it together no matter where you live.

After each live resume writing session, I email you the progress resume so you can check the formatting, think about the content, and remember more resume stories. Even though clients see the developing resume on my screen, there is an advantage to seeing it in the middle of the project.

How you can discover success writing your resume

You might not know what to say but I do. Perhaps you think you don’t have any value to showcase but I will find it. I can uncover stories from anyone. I love being the detective, figuring out your value and highlighting it so that your next employer gets it.

We might not sit side-by-side over a campfire like the women in the photos but we can communicate in real-time. You see my screen as your resume develops. Sometimes we share a cup of coffee even when you are in New York (or Boston, Atlanta, San José, or London) and I am in Wisconsin.

My process gives you the opportunity to ask questions in every session:

  • What’s the best resume format?
  • How do you decide what information to include in the cover letter?
  • What information should I put in my LinkedIn page?
  • How do I know where to network?
  • What is the best job search strategy for me?

My use of Zoom or WebEx video technology allows us to communicate, screen share, and if you want, even use webcams. Some of my dog-loving clients even talk to Buddy, my German Shepherd and office companion.

Coaching and LinkedIn networking helps you triumph in your job search

I coach you in real time on the best ways to use LinkedIn while we write your LinkedIn profile together. Despite all the confusion about the new LinkedIn and what it does or doesn’t do, I can help you understand how to make it work.

As we talk and write, you share what’s going on and we figure out together how to position you for the job you really want.

How long does all this take?

Typically, clients meet with me for 7+ hours up to 25+ hours depending on the package they select. Frequently asked question is how far apart should I schedule appointments? The answer differs depending on your schedule and my availability. If we schedule close appointments, we can get the project done more rapidly. For clients whose career or life keeps them busy, we can stretch out the schedule.

Why does the process matter?

My clients are part of a unique process where I get to know them as people. They have a voice in their entire project from formatting to strategy. Each client has access to my years of experience to help them have success writing their resume, navigate job search, and win their next role. I get to know the client as a person and often my clients become lifelong friends.

How can you get started? Look at my resume and career marketing packages, then schedule a conversation with me by calling 715-574-5263 or provide your information here.

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You may be halfway across the country or the world. When you work with me, we share coffee, laughs, and concerns. This turns the scary job search into creative, consultative writing and learning sessions.