Do not let anyone devalue your worth

Sometimes there is a comment that just irritates you and in darker moments, you recall it.

Has someone tried to devalue your worth?

Let me tell you a story. I was just beginning to transform my business (Design Resumes LLC) into my full-time career instead of the side hustle it became after I made non-profit contracting a feature of my business. I had expert help in marketing and coaching so I was not as vulnerable as I might have been to comments, but they still hurt.

Someone from one of the contracts told my husband:

“Julie will be sorry that she let the contracts go. She will never succeed writing resumes or helping job seekers. You won’t survive.”

This attempt to devalue my worth (and my work) stung. However, it had the polar opposite effect she intended. Instead of doubting myself or starting to devalue my worth, she made me more determined to succeed.

I dug deep and learned all I could about my industry, the career industry, to make myself educated on trends, strategy, and best practices. In addition, I absorbed all I could about this new world of content marketing and social media.

I propelled my business forward during the recession, expanded services and products as I uncovered other areas of need for job seekers, and even though the pandemic has been hard on my business, I press forward. During these tough times, I enjoy seeing my clients land new roles despite the naysayers.

How to overcome someone trying to devalue your worth

  • Don’t give them power by doubting yourself!
  • Press forward to identify your value
  • Clarify your stories. I write resumes interactively with clients, digging deep to find those nuggets of gold that define their worth and showcase their contributions to company success.
  • Market yourself. LinkedIn has become a job seeker’s asset but one that should be leveraged throughout your career, not just during a job search. This professional network can help you connect with people you would never meet on your own.

Are you avoiding making a career move?

I made my final change abruptly in 2009 but I had danced around it for years. For me, I never took time to realize how fast time was flying back and how I was failing to acknowledge my life could be different. My life work now evolves around helping others find ways to change their lives and value their worth.

I find this to be true of many job seekers. They devalue their worth, failing to identify successes, and don’t recognize that there are opportunities to move forward. My personalized coaching writing style helps you develop your resume, LinkedIn, and other career documents with me. In addition, my career marketing packages have multiple services, tools, products, and strategies to help you win the right role for you.

Don’t let anyone devalue your worth!

Reach out today to get started moving in the right direction. Learn more.

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Do not let anyone devalue your worth

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