Jobseeker, do you come packed with attitude?

Jobseeker, do you “come packed with attitude?” We all know someone who fits that description.

Someone who isn’t willing to listen to another point of view but always seems to think they have it right. The problem with this stance is that no one is able to share their viewpoint or explain their logic.

This will disrupt the workplace and make it hard to get work done.

Don’t be the one “Packed with Attitude”

  1. Think you are always right?
    • Slow down and look at the other viewpoint.
    • Do some research.
    • Verify your facts
  2. Ready to jump into an argument?
    • Take a deep breath before responding.
    • Slow down and listen.
  3. Feeling your stress level increasing?
    • Did you eat breakfast? When your blood sugar drops, it can affect your mood
    • Did you get enough sleep? Fatigue also makes you more volatile.
    • Is something at home adding to your stress level? Perhaps you need to talk to someone like a counselor to separate home issues from work issues.
  4. Are you feeling loss of control?
    • When we feel threatened because things are changing around us, we may lash out at others.
    • Analyze your choices and see if you are rationally thinking about the situation or are you just afraid of losing your control on the environment.

Drop the Packed with Attitude outlook

All of the above things also apply to the job search and those in need of a career change.

Look at the same questions. Job loss will create tension and stress and make you feel out of control.

Career frustration will do the same thing. If you are in a job that you hate and nothing is likely to change, you need to be ready to move on.

Some people then show anger and frustration when normally that isn’t their personality. Talking these things out with clients is something I do best. I understand that frustration and can help you gain control of the situation by pointing you in the right direction.

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