Do you like to sit on the sidelines or play in the game?

I live in Packer country, 90 minutes from Green Bay. The family I married into 39 years ago had Packer mania running through them.

Lambeau field is cherished ground. Sit on the sidelines or watch on television are the ways most Packer fans enjoy the game. For those who go to Lambeau, it is an experience unto itself. My youngest son was particularly diehard in going to the home games, until he went to a Playoff game in January 2008 against the New York Giants and froze his feet.

No. 3: Jan. 20, 2008, NFC Championship, Packers vs. Giants, -1 degrees (wind chill -23)

Most people don’t get the chance to be a player in the NFL but they cheer on their team when they sit on the sidelines.

Sit on the sidelines or play in the game in your career

Amazingly, some people do prefer to sit on the sidelines in their careers. They are happy to get a job and maybe get a promotion or two but for the most part, just stay on the sidelines.

I work with game-changers. My clients don’t want to sit on the sidelines. They want to make a difference and really play in the game. The cutting edge in their industry, thirsty for knowledge, they aren’t satisfied to just watch.

For these elite players, they seek out a challenge.

Those that hire me know they need to be ready when the ball comes their way. We dig deep to find those nuggets of gold that signify top career wins. Hungry for the next opportunity, the individuals who select me as their coach and writer know that I won’t let them settle. I will encourage them to go for the winning team.

If you want to play in the game, you can’t sit on the sidelines

How do you prepare to play in the game? You learn the playbook. You probably have already honed your skills. Ideally, you don’t want to be scrambling but you will when you face the rush rather than be tackled.

If you are ready to stop sitting on the sidelines, learn how I can help you win the game. 

Do you like to sit on the sidelines or play in the game?

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